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The Suck It Up Suicidal Society

Suicide is in the news.
Thank goodness we get a part of the endless news segments that we are subjected to. It’s only when someone really young or someone super famous where suicide gets talked about for more than about 48 hours.

Why do people resort to thoughts of suicide?

Often, many of us don’t see a way out.

I have shared my personal story on here from time to time and I will talk about the negative aspects of doing so. This is what stops people from getting help.

1.  You’re selfish!  How could you do such a thing? Why in the world would you do something like that to hurt your family and the people that love you?

This is the wrong response. If you’ve said this to someone you should get on a phone and apologize to them. Not only have you shamed them for having thoughts that nearly all of us have had, you’ve made sure that the next time they’ve felt bad, that they won’t go to you for help. You’ve just made certain that they will bypass you for that help that they need. So now you’re …

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