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Logan Paul Thinks Suicide is Funny

Aokigahara Forest is located in Japan. It’s also the number one site to commit suicide in that country and has one of the highest suicide ratings in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge is the 1st in California.

Logan Paul, YouTube sensation and star, went there and stumbled upon a dead body. He alerted the proper authorities and was shocked when he came upon it, but there is a catch.

He turned it into a joke.

Stumbling across a body is traumatic for most of us, especially those of us who have encountered the nightmare of finding our loved ones after they have committed this deed. However, Logan Paul has proved that he has no heart. Perhaps that’s too harsh. I’m sure if he stumbled upon his brother, the reaction would not have been, “Quick let me grab a camera! You know how many views I can get off of this?!”

Views he did get.

In a twenty four hour period, he received nearly six and a half million views. However, the reaction wasn’t quite what he thought he would get.  People had a comp…

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