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Four Hollywood Stars that Committed Suicide

#4   Diana Barrymore 1921-1960

One of the legendary Barrymores of Hollywood. Her father was the legendary John Barrymore. She died January 25, 1960. Her death was not necessarily a suicide, and was thought to be an overdose, although no overdose was found. Still, many consider her death to be suicide. She starred in Nightmare (1942) Eagle Squadron (1942).

She is known and sometimes referred to as the “forgotten Barrymore”. Her famous family is full of actors and actresses, even being related to Drew Barrymore.

#3 Carole Landis 1919-1948 was of Norwegian and Polish descent. She started off as bit player in A Star is Born (1937)  A Day at the Races, Manila Calling, The Powers Girl. Her final two films were Brass Monkey (1948) and The Silk Noose (1948) She committed suicide by taking an overdose of Seconal in her California home. She was just 29 years old and made 49 pictures, which is quite a feat. It was said that she could have been one of the brightest stars in Hollywood history.

Her …

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