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The Bullying Doesn’t Stop After Suicide

Amanda Todd was a young and beautiful teenage girl who committed suicide in the wake of bullying. After her tragic death, something horrific happened: the bullying didn’t stop. It happened right here on this blog. Posts with commenters  as far away as Italy felt as if they had the right to continue the online harassment that Amanda Todd suffered in life. However, there was a slight change in the target(s) of the abuse. The family.

Just recently, little angel Rosalie Avila committed suicide at thirteen years old, leaving behind a heartbreaking letter behind for her family. She was recently taken off of life support. However, the family states that buying hasn’t stopped.

Mom was directed to see a picture of a grave telling her to next time “tuck her daughter into it”.

Why in the world would people subject others to something so horrific? Are we becoming less human every day? What is going on with us as a society? I have a few theories about it.

1.  With today’s culture of cell phones a…

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