The Girl With A Thousand Cuts...Emily

Emily  has cut herself a half a million times and has received over four hundred stitches. She has PTSD due to abuse and rape. She was on the Dr. Phil show with her family which aired yesterday nationwide.

Emily has over 250,000 followers on social media. She’s been called a hero and a villain in the mentally ill/cutting community

She says that she’s an ‘advocate for young people....its such a taboo subject and nobody wants to talk about it.

There is currently a petition online to kick her off of social media (Facebook) after her picture showing her cuts went viral last year.

But is Emily an advocate or is she making it worse?

She says that many people have said she’s helped them but others aren’t sure about that.

My take?

I think Emily needs to know that she should put a triggering warning on her pictures first. Also, she’s still cutting. I believe that she should get help where she has stopped cutting FIRST AND FOREMOST to ensure that she is not encouraging and triggering others to replicate her behavior. If she wants to be a spokesperson, it’s a huge responsibility and that responsibility rests with HER AND HER ALONE to make sure that no one else is getting the idea to cut by looking at her videos and photos. Once others are telling her that she is causing harm, she should look to clamp down on her behavior.

You can’t help others if you still need help. She recently stated she had a bad slip up recently and she needed to cut her arm and neck. She looks into the camera and says, “This is what self harm looks like people...” while showing her neck and staples from the wound. She wears dresses with no sleeves and short skirts where her wounds are visible. Again, its commendable that she wants to help, but when she’s still locking her mother out of bathroom so that she can cut, she can’t be an advocate for others. Thankfully, her mother is a nurse and she knows how to take care of daughter. Due to her mother’s weariness, she has refused to take her to the hospital and she’s taking care of the problem herself.

People have actually been triggered by looking at her photos. Her mother is scared that she will get a phone call from another mother saying that her child is dead because she looked at Emily and harmed themselves.

Emily. You are amazing. You are a survivor. You also need help. You’re doing more harm than good in my estimation. I won’t show your pictures because I’m afraid that my readers will be triggered by your actions. Please please get help before it’s too late.


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