Tanay Jackson Goes Too Far: An Investigation Into Claims That She is A Jackson--Part I

(On Thursday, we will have part II of this piece so tune in)

You may wonder why a blog that advocates suicide awareness is doing a spot about Tanay Jackson, the reported daughter of Tito Jackson, brother of the legendary and King of Pop Michael Jackson.

We've done similar reports on people who pop up in the media who seem to be a bit unhinged. It's important to report and talk about how delusions can ruin someone's life.

This picture was taken on a cruise liner when they were allegedly dating.

Tanay and Tito Jackson on a cruise

Meet Tanay Jackson. She states that she is the daughter of Tito Jackson and that megastar Michael Jackson is her Uncle. What a claim.

She was recently featured on the show, The Jacksons: Next Generation, which features the members of the group 3T. 
3T group members: Taj, Taryl, and TJ

This group was immensely popular in the 90's and I have to say that I'm a huge fan of the Jackson family period! I am also a huge fan of Michael Jackson! So I have much respect and love for the Jackson family. I also have to state that if you believe the allegations against Michael then you're a complete fool.

Now that I've gotten that out the way...

Tanay Jackson has been in the spotlight for a number of years, making wild claims and stating that she is apart of the family. She has also weighed in on family matters to the media but no one seems to know this girl or have a clue to who she is.

Jermaine Jackson Meets Tanay Jackson and It Doesn't Go Well

Radar Online Tanay Jackson

Why did she react to Jermaine that way? This man is her Uncle according to her claims. If she's been to reunions and things of that nature, wouldn't he at least recognize her? The only daughter of Tito Jackson? Things aren't adding up for her. 

This link is to an article where she states that she has definite proof of her allegations....but she refuses to release her birth certificate. To each his own, but if Michael Jackson was my Uncle and I had proof to that, I think I'd let the world blow my certificate up a million times over! So everyone could see. I'd want to be invited to the next BBQ or family outing! Watch out Paris and Blanket! I'll be over to babysit.

But that's not the case here. She refuses to show her birth certificate or even on the latest episode of the Jackson's show, tell how old she was.

More evasiveness. 

In an interview with E Magazine in 2012, she sat down with the magazine and stated that she thought Katherine was a poor choice for guardian over Michael's kids and thought that TJ would be a great fit. 

Several mainstream news organizations didn’t question Tanay’s connection to the Jacksons in July 2012 when she gave interviews about the family. She told reporters she thought Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson, 84, was too old take care of Michael Jackson’s three children.
“I don’t think she should raise the kids,” she said at the time. “I understand that she is attached to them and she has been raising them and that’s probably why she still wants to have a little bit more involvement.”

She also “upset the apple cart,” according to family members, by showing up at a Jackson family party in Las Vegas. Tanay claims Jackson patriarch Joe Jackson embraced her and acknowledged she was a member of the family.
3T members stated  that they never met her and that her claims are false according to the article. 

In the latest episode, "Full of Surprises" it seems that Tanay is meeting 3T for the first time. She makes a claim that they've met before, however, they didn't seem to recognize her. She stated that she was playing with the youngest brother's shoe, which implies that she was very young when this happened. She stated that she would be the youngest sister if the claim was true.

In the episode, they go and get a DNA test. On the way, Jermaine Jackson just shows up out of nowhere. It leaves Tanay thinking that she was set up but the brothers are adamant that it was not known where Jermaine was and that the camera crew knew that he would be in the same building. She is not impressed with the answer and Jermaine is not impressed with her.

 Tanay gets visibly ill as they walk into the building. She sits in the bathroom for twenty minutes leaving the brothers thinking that she is "nervous" and that their hearts "are breaking for her". They are already believing that her claims are nonsense.

She finally comes out the bathroom and begins to whisper in the Taj's ear. She whispers that she wants to keep the results private but she is told that "it's not fair". She didn't like that answer but she proceeds with the test. As of this writing, the test results are not known. But the brothers do know the answer because the show has already been taped and is now airing. SO you have to tune in next week to get the results. The show teases that we will know next week as they showed the brothers opening up the envelope.

Why do you think she wanted to keep the results private? So that she could continue to make claims that aren't true and she assumed that no one would call her on it. She also knows that media knows that the Jacksons are "not to be believed". She knows that when the Jacksons say that something is not true, then probably is some truth to it. That's what the MEDIA believes. Not the truth. She knows that and she plays it up. Since she's already being reported out there as a "Jackson" she will continue to make those claims. That's why.

 I'm glad they told her that it was not fair because it isn't. She gets to make claims and the Jacksons have to take it. She's STILL making claims on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. It's like she lives in this fantasy world where she is apart of the Jackson family. 

No, Tanay. When this episode plays, you will be exposed and so will the media for believing your nonsense for so many years. Back out now while you still can. IF you actually released a statement stating that perhaps you were mentally ill or even holding onto a dream, some people may be forgiving, including the Jackson family for showing up at their family gatherings when you're not family. SMH. 

But no. Like the true actress you are, play it out to the end. Get every last exposure that you can. You've gotten this far (which isn't far) on the Jackson name alone. Not your talent. On the name. SO what will you have once you're exposed next Friday. 

However, some very curious things have shown up on Tanay's private social media accounts.

Right off Tanay's Twitter Account Saved just in case she deletes it....

Why would she be "trowing' us a hint like this? She is already trying to tell us that this DNA test is not "legal" by law. By the way, her statement is totally false. Anyone can take any type of test, but when establishing paternity, a New York resident must take a court ordered DNA test. 

But that's establishing paternity. The court won't recognize other paternity tests. However, this was a SIBLING paternity test, not establishing paternity regarding child support. Again, Tanay is twisting the truth to try and come out on top. She fails miserably again and again. 

 She also has an argument with someone on Twitter when she states...
A Twitter interaction with someone. She states that DNA can be altered. What reasoning would they have?

Supposedly a Picture of Tanay and Tito side by side. What do you think?
 She states in her Twitter post that this picture is of her and her father and trying to say that they look exactly alike.

Here she is making more excuses about DNA and how it could have been altered with. Again, she knows the results of the test and is already coming up with excuses. DNA is not junk science. It's real. She would have accepted it if it showed that she was a sister? She wouldn't have claimed that it was altered with then, right?

What reason would the lab have to tamper with the tests? It was done on television in front of everyone so when would the tampering happen? Perhaps they put the test in the wrong envelope. But why? Why would this happen? Why would they do this? What reason would they have for tampering with the test? 

There is no indication that they stated they didn't want a sister, however I could understand if they didn't want HER as a sister. She's done a lot of press and has made comments about the family, including comments about Katherine's ability to care for Michael's children. How crude!

I have spent some time this morning looking at many of the interviews that she's done while claiming to be a member of the Jackson family and it's a shame. Again when talking about them, she is vague and gives generic answers but when speaking about her music career, she's detailed and lively. It's like talking to two different people. The person who is not sure of herself comes out when talking about her "father" but her music career gets more attention and her personality comes out.

"I always felt like I couldn't do this.... How are you ever going to know what you can do if you don't try?"

Advice that Michael Jackson supposedly gave her..... When the hell did she talk to Michael? Did she just make this up? So, she talked to Michael and he told her these things but just never mentioned to the 3T brothers that they had a sister? Was it some big conspiracy?

Did she think no one was going to take her statements and put two and two together? Well, I did. Guess with this whole disease thing I have going on, I have lots of time on my hands.

I speak to some of my cousins. I come to see very often......The family reunion is next month so I'll be able to see everyone."  
When speaking about the Jackson Family in general....how come none of them have heard of her or spoke on her behalf? She speaks to her cousins all right. Her REAL cousins. Not her fake Jackson cousins.

Check out her strange and stiff performance in this YouTube video..... Definitely not "Jackson" material. Not throwing shade but this is my opinion regarding Tanay's "talent".

Whose family reunion is she talking about? Her 'REAL' family or the imagined family relationship she has with the Jacksons? She picked the perfect family. A family that does not do interviews or speak with the media that often. When they do, its only to promote their albums and even then, they are careful to speak about their private lives. 

This is not a bad thing. Look how the media has done the Jackson family in the past. The one sided coverage given towards the prosecution during Michael's trial is reason enough. Even though the evidence clearly showed that the Arvizo family were a pack of grifting liars, the media didn't give us this side. They showed favorites with the prosecution and convicted him in the court of public opinion. Anyone listening to the testimony could clearly see that the family was lying. Anyone listening to the media had Michael convicted. So, she picked the perfect family. 

A little nugget to the Jackson family if any of you ever read this: STOP LETTING PEOPLE WRITE YOUR HISTORY. SPEAK UP AND CALL THESE LIARS OUT! 

By the time Michael started speaking out for himself, it was too late. What Michael said was not to be believed by many but people would believe lying reporters any day. Michael even spoke about it in, Moonwalk, his autobiography. He stated that if he said something crazy, everyone would go, Michael is crazy. But if a reporter said the same nonsense, everyone would believe it. 

Don't get me wrong. I blame the media wholeheartedly. They have the power to shape a story. The media is the most powerful entity in the world. All they have to do is report one side, and by sundown, everyone would believe that one side and look at the other side as if they are crooked, criminal, lying sacks of crap. The media took the story that she was a "Jackson", didn't bother doing an ounce of research, and went with that. 

Just read this article done by the LA Times on Tanay....

Tanay relies on her lineage, not her talent...


Tanay has done her research, I can say and seems to know a lot about the family. She knows just enough information to do interviews but not enough to make definitive answers. When it comes to talk to the Jackson family, her answers are just too generic to be believable. However, when she talks about herself, she is more detailed and gives answers that are less evasive. I can't believe that people haven't picked up on this nonsense.

Here's another video in where she makes claims about TJ and Katherine. 

Tanya Comments on Katherine Jackson. She calls her Grandma. Good lord

I'm shocked at how this girl can say that she is a member of the family and the media takes her word for it. Why? Because she's black? Of course that's not it, but I'm wondering what was it about her that made them not question anything? She has two pictures that she showed them of her and Tito and that's all they needed? I have one with me and Ludacris so that means something, right? Hey, me and Luda got a thing going, so call a press release!!

NO I'm happily getting married to a wonderful man.

 She's never met these people. Her answers are strangely vague but no one calls her on it. They've never met this person before and the media treats her as if she's a member of the family. It's clear that on the episode of the show, no one has met her before. Yet, on this interview, she's talking about them like she knows who they are.

It goes on and on and on.

If you want the truth, please click on the links and make a judgment for yourself. It's a crying shame but you have to admit that she's skilled. In one video, she states that her "grandpa checks for fishy stuff". That he checks her deals and looks for fishy things. Fishy indeed. The interviewer should have picked up that the fishy thing is coming from the woman across from him. That's even a strange word to use. It's very strange to watch. Hell, let me claim that I'm apart of the Jackson family! I'm sure someone will take my word for it. Maybe even get an interview out of it. 

The Jackson family has a bit of blame in this. They have a habit of NOT talking to the media but that's for good reason. The things that they say tend to get turned around. However, when swindlers come out the wood work, they don't check these people and call their bullshit. One of the members of 3T did step forward in a tweet and state that she is not their sister. But that's the extent of it, with the exception of having her on the show. 

Cheating ON a Paternity Test? Hard to Do!

Tanay Jackson Claims that Tito Acknowledges her in this video at 1:55

In an Instagram/Twitter post she states that he "acknowledges" her at 1:55 in the video when Tito states "I was working on my 4th child when you called me..." But that doesn't mean he has a fourth child. It just means that he was getting busy with someone. It is in no way proof that Tito has a fourth child.

Check out Tanay's "talent" for yourself. I don't mean to come off as snotty, that's not what this blog is about. However, I don't see the connection with this highly talented family. I wish her the best as an artist. But doing it on someone's name is just ridiculous. I wish people wouldn't indulge in this behavior just to make a name for themselves.

More Exaggerations from her Instagram.

 In this video clip found on her Instagram, she states that a "fan" spotted her and tried to give their number. However, there is no indication that they knew who she was. If they did, she didn't film that part. It was just some guy that spotted an attractive girl and wanted her number. That's happened to millions of women. There was no indication on the video that they recognized her as Tanay Jackson. SMH
This shot is supposed to be proof that Tito is her father? She could have gotten this pic from anywhere. Where is Tanay in the pic?

This tweet was grabbed off of 3T member Taryll's Twitter as he looks on Tanay's Twitter account and laughs at her desperation.
I guess Taryll is not impressed with his "sister's" attempt to try and convince the world that she is family. The media is going to be pissed when they find out the truth next Friday. That they've been interviewing a complete phony all this time. Guess she's going to have to change her website where she repeatedly states that Michael is her Uncle. SMH....how completely desperate, shameful, and ridiculous. 

None of this is funny. It never was. The Jackson family is like musical royalty and who wouldn't want to be a Jackson. I mean to have Janet as an Aunt? Katherine as the matriarch? Even Latoya coming over for Thanksgiving. Wow. It must be really cool. But how about Tanay make her own family cool? How about she gain her fans and followers the regular way and not try to lie her way into another family? Be awesome by yourself and not on the back of someone else. Especially the Jacksons. 

Bottom Line: I have immense respect for this family and everything that they've gone through in the past. For Tanay to try to capitalize on this fame and fortune and making outlandish claims makes her look unstable. She's gone too far. This is the ugly side to celebrity and the things that people will do to be apart of something. I'd love to wake up and be a "Jackson". However, it seems like this is what Tanay truly did. She woke up one day and decided that she would ingratiate herself with this family.

It's unreal the lengths that she's gone to. She's even got the media fooled as they waste their time on an imposter and fraud. However, I don't feel sorry for them either. They deserve it after all they've done to Michael over the last thirty years of his life. They deserve to look ridiculous. They've interviewed this woman as if she were the real thing. They should have actually done "journalism" and found out that she was an imposter.

I think that she would continue to use the Jackson name and do her "music". When the DNA results come back and we find out that she is not a real Jackson, so many people will have egg on their faces. However, you can't blame the woman for all of that. They should have done their homework. You could tell just by hearing her talk that she is not a real Jackson.

However as the late Michael Jackson always said, "People believe what they want to believe." Tanay wants us all to believe that she is a Jackson. But sadly, she is a woman that needs help. She's believing her own lies and have convinced many people as well. I am saddened for the day that she finally wakes up and realizes that she needs to come forward with the truth and I hope that day is sooner than later. 

PS...Tanay is not alone. Gepetto Jackson is another scammer claiming to be the son of Jermaine Jackson. However, if you run into this guy, just call the police and don't open your wallets. He is a good con artist that has conned thousands out of their cash. 

This is Gepetto and Tanay together and he's already making excuses for his "cousin" This is ridiculous
This "Gepetto" character name is Andre Vann and he's scammed people out of $400,000. The Jackson family has stated that he is not apart of the Jackson family. There are no words for either one of them.

Gepetto Jackson Con Artist Not Jermaine Jackson's Son

What an excellent name that he made for himself. Gepetto was the toymaker that created the lying little Pinocchio....



  1. This was a great post. Yes, I know she is lying. Why would she publicly say that she is a Jackson and doesn't want to show the proof? That is crazy. And she is a liar.

  2. This was poorly researched. There are multiple photos of her and Tito all over the Internet and yet you choose one and ask where is she. Unbelievable

    1. Poorly researched? First off, there are three pictures of them together. Just three. What does that mean? That they are together or that they took a picture together? She won't release the main information which is the birth certificate or the DNA results that she claims that they took six years ago. So yeah...not.

    2. Look up LaToya Jackson McCall on Facebook. Tanay has pictures with the Jackson's family. Luther Jackson children, Joe Jackson brother. She fooled them. Timothy Merritt is another one claiming to be Marlon Jackson son and there's Oche. He's claiming to be MJ son, he has pictures with Katherine and the family posted. Jeremaine Jackson ex wife Alajadra said Gepetto is a Jackson on YouTube, she went as far as saying he's her children brother. I hear Gepetto, taney, Timothy and oche coming out with a reality show. Smh

    3. @Sherry Prater-- How do you feel now knowing that the DNA test came out and that she’s a liar? lol

  3. I'm truly believe she isn't part of the jackson family. Her attitude is awful!!

  4. They released the results on the show tonight and it says she is not related. She got the same results they did. If she was related, she would have the results all over the Internet.

  5. She has already been shown to be a liar, but what I don't understand is why Tanay's mother has not come forward in her defense. Tanay wasn't born knowing who her father was, somebody had to tell her who he was, and most times it's the mother. Unless her mother is deceased, I don't know why she would not speak with the media as well to back up Tanay's story.


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