How To Prevent A School Shooting

There is no foolproof way to prevent a school shooting, however in many cases there are signs that something is going to happen before it happens. I'm not saying that this is going to work, but we've got to do something. So lets start with...

1. Shooters will post on social media accounts before they actually do the shooting. Sometimes weeks before the shooting is to take place.

In this day and age of social media, it's human nature to be connected. Shooters often think they are doing something really big. Body counts are important to them, therefore a lot of them want to go down in history by taking out the most people for whatever reason. In this case, they will go to social media sites and leave hints.


If it is something small or big, please say something. Don't feel like a "snitch" or that you don't have enough information. It's better to be safe than sorry. That's a cliche saying but it's true. Sometimes if you have a strange feeling about a post, it's better that you alert the authorities than to just let it go. You could be averting a disaster.

2. Shooters will stock up on ammunition or guns obviously.

If you know someone that has purchased a lot of ammunition recently or went to purchase a large number of guns and you think that it's strange for this person, you should probably open your mouth and say something.

3. They may give away personal items.

Shooters often know that they will not be taken alive in many cases. Most of them hope to be shot dead instead of facing justice. They want to go out with "glory".  There is nothing glorious about taking lives with you. It's ridiculous and sad. However, if this person is giving away personal items, then you may want to alert someone that this person could be either thinking about taking their own life or taking others out with them. Say something! Ask why? Don't be afraid. The life you save could very well be your own.

4. They may act strange days before the shooting.

The shooter may make strange comments like, "It'll all be over with soon"  or "They'll all learn not to mess with me!" "They will all pay soon!" Some of these comments are a bit on the nose but I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying. Comments and actions that raise alarm bells should be reported to someone. Call the police and ask to speak to a detective or someone of that nature. Tell them that you know of an individual that may be planning something or you just don't feel safe. Let the proper authorities figure it out. If you're wrong, then be wrong. But if you're right, you could avert a tragedy.

This has got to stop America.

Mental illness, gun control, gun safety, whatever! There are multiple issues here at stake but so are lives. Let's put politics aside and stop these ridiculous shootings! Stop the polarization of this issue. People on the right state that the President is coming for your guns, which hasn't happened. While those on the left state that we need more gun laws on the books. Well, something needs to be done and our kids are suffering from it, regardless of where you stand on this issue.

People complain about terrorism but we have domestic terrorism right here! On our own soil. American citizens.

We have to do something America and let's drop the politics and save some lives.


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