Why Do People Lie? Part III In An Investigation of Tanay Jackson

This is Part III of a series about Tanay Jackson, who has been making claims about being the daughter of Tito Jackson. Part I was an introduction into the entire situation and a background of her life and interviews that she's done with the press. Part II deals with the various stories that have come out against her as to a possible motive and an explanation of the pictures that she has in her possession. It also talks about the recent television show that she's done with her "brothers" 3T in an attempt to get at the truth. 

On the Cruise Ship with Tito Jackson and Tanay

Politicians, lawyers and car salesmen.

They are notorious  in their profession for lying or at least stretching the truth. They aren't the only ones that lie. We all do. We all have told a lie here and there. White lies, little lies, big lies. We've all been there.

What makes us lie? Various reasons. Mostly to gain something or to spare someone's feelings. That's why many of us lie. But what makes some of us tell big whoppers? Huge lies? Why do some people stick to their lie even when all the evidence suggests that someone isn't being totally honest?

Tanay Jackson has been able to convince even some of the most prestigious media outlets that she was apart of the Jackson family. That she was daughter of Tito Jackson and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson. Many people believed her. Based on this information, she has booked many television appearances on news outlets and even performed in Iasi, Romania. The only "Jackson" to have accomplished that was Michael himself.

She stated that she was also in the video, "Remember The Time", with Michael Jackson and a number of other claims that seem a bit hard to believe. However, fan sites wish Tanay, the daughter of Tito Jackson, Happy Birthday and they frequently come up to the members of 3T and tell them that they just saw their sister.

She agreed to be on a television show, "The Jacksons; Next Generation" and did a sibling DNA test. On last Friday, the results came back as we pretty much expected; she was not a sibling of 3T, therefore, Tito Jackson is not her father.

The following weekend, it was learned that on Gepetto Jackson's FB account, that Tanay was in the hospital and was apparently held, presumably in the ER. There is no further information at this time.

Gepetto Jackson AKA Andre Vann hopes that Tanay makes it? Sounds serious...

Tanay stated that she was kidnapped. I guess she better tell her cousin Gepetto the real story. Did they fly her on a plane or did they kidnap her as she stated in previous interviews? I hope she is doing better, whatever happened to her and continue to be the artist that she is and DROP THIS TITO JACKSON IS MY FATHER NONSENSE. This was posted on Sunday morning so this happened yesterday supposedly on 10/25/15

 To Mr. Andre Vann, AKA Gepetto Jackson. You know what's childish? Stating that you have evidence that you're a family member in a well known family and then REFUSE to show that evidence. Then knowingly appear on a television show where SHE asked to do a DNA test. They didn't bring it up. TANAY DID. She takes the test and then acts childish for a week on social media when she knew she was busted. She went as far in an interview to say that she was kidnapped. So that's childish. Speaking of childish, have you finished paying your restitution to the victims that you scammed? Mr. Gepetto I'm speaking to you.

As far as Tanay goes, apparently she has now challenged the DNA test. This screenshot was taken on 10/26/15...

Sigh...just if you don't know much about science then stop quoting from it.

What Tanay is saying here is that DNA tests done with siblings aren't accurate based on the number of markers that DNA tests do. She is quoting from this link...

If you read the entire page, it clearly states that most people match some genetic markers with their parents but depending on the DNA test, it depends on how many markers that particular test checked for. If it were only a million markers or so, then it may come up that the person is not a sibling when they are. 

Since this was a full DNA test, I'm sure that this test did more than 15-20 million markers. DNA still doesn't lie. The statistical chances of this being a mere mistake are very very low. I love science and I have studied genetics and theoretical physics, so she may fool some of these people with a screenshot but she won't and can't fool me. I can read this stuff and understand. She stated that a "scientists" from London sent this to her, when I doubt that. But whatever. The fact of the matter is, this was a full DNA test that was done and the statistical probability that they didn't check for all the markers is low.

According to Tito, he gave her the test results and went on with his life. He should have kept those results and showed the world. She's the one that clearly brought it up and yet she is saying that she doesn't believe it. If it came up that she was their sister, would she have challenged the results then? Of course not. She would have been knocking on the door trying to babysit Blanket!

The company that did the DNA Test, probably knows a little something about genetics. And when I say probably I mean that they know about genetics. They probably knew to check for more markers knowing that this was a sibling DNA test. So they knew to compensate for that fact. To not do so would be highly unethical and would put their practice into question. It could cause them to lose their license. So why would they be in cahoots with Lifetime? Besides, the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. That person would be Tanay. She is saying that the DNA test is wrong so it's up to her to prove how. Unless she turns into a geneticist overnight, I don't see how she could. She has a copy of the test. They sent it to her in the mail, since she never answered the phone for the producers when they called to tell her. So she could have debated her case then. She chose not to again.

Evasive behavior that we've seen time and time again. 

Here is the problem. Tanay has clearly stated that she did a court ordered DNA test with Tanay to shut her down. She has the tests but she refuses to show them. She could clear this up in two seconds if she shows the test. Since she won't, then she will continue to look unstable. Most of the world will continue to say that she is not Tito's child. However she does have a throng of unstable supporters that continue backing her for whatever reason.

The problem comes in with Tanay lying already. Stating that she talks to members of the family when they don't know who she is. She's done media interviews about the family, when these are people she's never met. She started out the gate with a credibility problem. If she didn't do so much media, then maybe people would believe her more. Her claims would have a lot more to them. But they don't. She's lied so much already that she is not to be believed. She is afraid of litigation coming her way by stating that she was a member of the family. But she wants to continue riding the gravy train. It's sad.

Why Do People Lie?

Anyway, I'd like to get to the bottom as to why people lie. Most of the time it's for gain. Look at the Arvizo family, That is the family that showed up in the Bashir documentary with Michael Jackson. The Arvizo family went as far as to do a  rebuttal video for Michael stating that there was no abuse AND THEN MAKE THE CLAIM THAT AFTER THE VIDEO WAS SHOWN TO THE WORLD, MICHAEL STARTED TO ABUSE GAVIN ARVIZO.

Right when the world's attention was on Michael, he decided to abuse Gavin at that time? There was no evidence that it happened and Star, Gavin's brother both gave conflicting testimony on the stand. Janet Arvizo was a disaster on the stand as she stated that Michael tried to kidnap her, even when they had free reign of Neverland and she was charging spa treatments to Michael's account. If your son is abused, who goes to a lawyer first? You go straight to the police.

How about Wade Robson trying to make a claim against Michael's estate now after he died? He stated that he remembered that it was abuse during a "counseling session" with a counselor. Okay so are we to believe that during the height of the Jordan Chandler accusations in 1993, Michael started abusing Wade? So the police didn't find anything then when his house was raided. Are we to believe that Michael was abusing this child during such a high profile time in his life when he was under the most scrutiny? Yeah right. Wade has constantly said that this wasn't about money but then makes a claim against Michael's estate. Why not just state that Michael did it? Why make a claim if it is not about money? The judge threw it out.

We know that these people are lying for money and fortune. These are clear cut cases of there being no evidence but people make allegations anyway just to gain something. Tanay gets interviewed and contracts to perform based on her "family" name.

I hope that she didn't want to commit suicide. I truly do. I hope that she moves past this because in the industry that she is in, it's unforgiving. Liars are not taken too kindly to. I feel kind of sorry for her but not really. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she had ample opportunity to stop. Nope she rode the gravy train all the way to the end of the line.

This is the end of the line Tanay. I wish you all the best in the world. Do the right thing. Come out with a statement and state who you are and what you wish to accomplish. If I managed you, I would tell you to apologize to the Jackson family and your fans. Then get on with your life and keep on doing your music. The public can be genuinely forgiving. But you must first start with humility and that's admitting that you were dead wrong. Then give your fans a chance and keep with your music if it truly is your first love.


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