Tanay Jackson: A Second Look Into The Life and Lies of Tanay --Part II

I came across Tanesha Jonelle Rodney or otherwise known as Tanay Jackson, as many people did, when watching the Jacksons; Next Generation last Friday. After reading her Twitter and other social media posts, I saw that there had to be more to this story. I made the decision to talk about her on this blog and do some research.

Hopefully many of you have already read part ONE of this investigation and have now come back to read Part TWO.


She did a DNA test with the members of 3T for a paternity test and is now saying that 3T KIDNAPPED HER AND THEY ARE CRIMINALS.

She is stating that they....well read this nonsense for yourself. If anyone watched that TV show, they realize that she was never kidnapped to do any DNA test. She was there on her own free will and that she will do anything...ANYTHING. TO KEEP THIS LIE GOING. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

HCM. How would you describe your relationship with your family?

Tanay. I love my dad. I speak with a few of my cousins here and there but I don’t trust my brothers. They are very jealous of my career and they wish to tear me down. They recently kidnapped me and took my DNA  sample to make a fool out of me on T.V. All three of them are harassing my career because they are not getting enough publicity. They dont understand what hard work is. I do. They are evil, they are criminals and I will never trust them again.

You don't trust your brothers? But you agree to fly across the country to meet with them? Did they tie you down and take your DNA? So you admit it is your DNA? Even if this story is true? They are jealous of your career? Where was your last performance? When was the last time you sold three million records? 3T has legions of fans all over the world. You get notoriety off lying  about being a member of the family. If it wasn't for her lies, no one would really care about who she was and  wouldn't get the interviews she gets now.

That's not being mean, that's being honest. Nearly every single one of your interviews always states up front who her father is and whose family she is apart of. Nearly every single time. And lately, she's bashed them continually.  In the first post, I came up with some interesting bits of information that I've shared with you guys. Now after actually speaking with people on Twitter and other sites, I've learned that there is much more to this story. Unfortunately, the information is not flattering to Tanay. It is the opposite.

After hanging out on Twitter for a bit, I came across a young lady who stated that she knew Tanay and met  her on a cruise. She stated that my tweets and investigation helped her figure things out and helping her remember just what happened on that cruise.

Turned out, she met Tanay and Tito Jackson on the cruise together. But Tanay was not there as his daughter. Tanay was there as HIS DATE!

She stated that Tanay is in her 40's, which is totally contradictory to claims that she has made in the press recently that she is in her 30's. In 2012, she did an interview where she stated that she was 30. In the Jacksons Next Generation, she stated that she would be the youngest sister.

Tanay seems to think that if she was lying that she would be in jail by now. I reminded her that it's not against the law to really impersonate someone, unless you've committed a crime, such as ask for a dollar. If she misrepresented herself for financial gain, then she could be prosecuted. Like, if she stated that she was a member of the Jackson family, and then based on those lies, that she would be liable for misrepresenting herself. Absolutely.

She wanted to know if that were true, then why hadn't she been prosecuted yet? I told her because no one has any substantial proof as of today that she is NOT who she claims to be. On Friday, when the DNA tests are made public, it will be the first in many steps to determining that she is a fraud. I reminded her that people only interviewed her BECAUSE she has represented herself as a member of the Jacksons. Other than that, there would be no difference between her or other wannabe singers. She's gotten the fame that she has BECAUSE she has stated that she is a member of the Jackson family.

I got criticized by someone who read the first blog post stating that there are many pictures of Tanay and Tito together. She wanted to know why I hadn't posted those. Because, taking a picture with someone doesn't establish paternity. It proves that you took a picture with that person.
This is one of the pictures here.

I learned from this Twitter user that Tito Jackson performed solo on a Tom Joyner Cruise in 2007. This user was there on the cruise with Tanay who happened to be Tito's guest. She stated was the DATE OF TITO JACKSON. She stated her real age to the Twitter user while on the cruise but stated that things between Tanay and Tito didn't look to be going well. She stated that he looked like he couldn't wait to get off the ship.  According to my research, Tito Jackson did perform solo in 2007 and that was the only year that this happened. That's why the Twitter User remembered this so vividly. Again, this information hasn't been independently verified however....

The story started to make sense. This could be where she got the photos from. The pictures of this room could very well be a room on the ship. The same ship that they were together on. Since their relationship didn't work out, she could have began stating that Tito was her father. Which is why she waited so long to state this. She said she just found out but that's not entirely true. She stated that she has taken a DNA test with him but how come this isn't public knowledge? Again, this is speculation.

a twitter user shared this photo with me This was supposedly taken on the cruise in 2007 when Tito and Tanay were dating.

She continues to bad mouth her "brothers" on social media sites. Here is an interview that she did with an MMA blog;

Tanay Jackson: I’m not even sure how many children in total he (TJ) has. This guy has so many damn kids! He loves kids, but TJ and I bond a little better because were closer in age. The other two… the older one Taj, he’s not very mature. He’s 40 years-old, but he doesn’t have a mature mind, he’s a little bit slow. Taryll… he has a heart. I remember when Taj got on social media – I believe it was Twitter – and wrote a year-long blog disgracing me, saying I wasn’t his sister. I mean, the things he said you would have to know me to say that. He didn’t realize that he was telling on himself.

She's not that discreet either, as she talks about her pregnancy and not having the baby. That's not typical of the Jackson Clan, who keeps their private lives separate.

She also states this:

Tanay Jackson: I am a trained entertainer. I am a trained dancer. I am a trained singer and I am a  noted songwriter. You need to pay me what I charge, not try to pay me scraps and expect me to come across the country to perform for you. It’s almost like slavery.
No. It's not almost like slavery. It's nowhere near slavery. You can't take an institution where for 400 years people were taken from their homes and forced into bondage to you not being paid what you asked for. To even try to equate the two shows incredible ignorance on your behalf. Why would you even say something like this on an interview? Tanay seriously needs guidance from someone before she goes and speaks to the media. Any media outlet. She's not polished and she just winds up sounding ignorant. 
In the above interview, she spoke with Geraldo and told them that she was a niece. It was ridiculous. She stated that she had the blessing of one family member but wouldn't tell who. She is stating that Katherine wasn't kidnapped. She doesn't know these people. She speaks so vaguely about them! I'm surprised that a seasoned journalist like Geraldo didn't pick up on it.

He asks her does she know the facts and circumstances of Katherine. At one point, he seems to be skeptical but she continues to go on with the interview. She is just too vague and it seems as though Geraldo knew more about this case than she did!!!! Tanay was too quiet and didn't have the answers to the questions that Geraldo lobbed at her. He doesn't pick up on the fact that he is speaking with a total phony.

Again Geraldo knows more about this that she does. It's painful to watch. Painful. Please watch this video if you don't believe this woman because this interview shows that this woman is a phony. It was embarrassing to the core.

Here is more from the interview that they did....

MMA Crossfire: I’m sure you put on a brave face, but that had to hurt inside.
Tanay Jackson: It hurt at first, but then after a while it didn’t hurt because I thought to myself: You’re 40! Why would you behave like that? That’s insane. I was embarrassed for him because he didn’t look right.  It just didn’t look right. The image that he displayed to the fans from since 1990 to now got tarnished when he did that.
The other one… they never got major publicity. I was on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and E! News they never got that and they had a group, an album and a record deal. So now that I came out and I’m doing a little better without all that they have, they can’t stand it.
Now, TJ did not side with them; he didn’t have anything to say because he did not feel the same way that they did. Taryll tweeted to E! News: Oh, she’s not my sister, get your information right and listen to the last line: I am sorry for any confusion this is going to cause.
Wow just wow. 3T, the biggest group in Europe after the Spice Girls never got major publicity? She's got to be kidding. This is where the delusions come in over and over again.

This comes from 3T's Wikipedia page...

3T released their debut album Brotherhood in 1995. The album sold approximately three million copies worldwide. The group achieved an international hit with their debut single "Anything". 3T released several hit singles in Europe, including "24/7", "Why" (a duet with their uncle Michael Jackson), "I Need You" (with a brief appearance by Michael), "Tease Me" and "Gotta Be You". In 1996, they were ranked second behind the Spice Girls, as the biggest-selling group in Europe. 3T have also written and produced songs for soundtracks to films such as The Jacksons: An American DreamFree WillyFree Willy 2: The Adventure HomeMen in Black and Trippin'. Taryll and TJ have written/produced tracks for their aunt Janet Jackson as well as for Lindsay Lohan and Bruno Mars. In early 1997, they went on a hugely successful European tour with their album Brotherhood, which included all of the songs from the album, as well as a Jackson 5 tribute (featuring Tito 'Poppa T') and a surprise performance of the Oasis hit, "Wonderwall".

Here is Tanay Jackson's Wikipedia page...

She doesn't have one.

 So they've done all of these impressive things yet they've not gotten the press that she has? Let's be clear. The only time she's gotten press was because of the Jacksons. Not for her own music. Even when she was torn to pieces in the LA Times review, the headlines referred to her supposed "lineage" than her own talent. It stated that Tito Jackson was her father and that she was a part of the family. Not because of anything she accomplished on her own. That's the truth of the matter. 

This looks like one of the cabins in the Cruise Ship. She allegedly was his date, not his daughter.

Tito's Instagram Account. He still goes on the Tom Joyner Cruises in 2015

So basically, we have a young lady that is seriously disturbed. She allegedly once tried to date Tito but that didn't work out. So now she is stating that they are father and daughter.

However, Tanay does seem to be concerned about possible prosecution. As I was trying to explain that if her tours that she has done, like when she traveled to Iasi, Romania, were based on the fact that she was a member of the Jackson family, and that's why she was booked, she could face possible prosecution. 

She's even made horrible statements about 3T stating that she is on the charts and they aren't. She has also stated that she has more money than they do and that they are broke. Based on the budgets of her last videos, I tend to disagree with that. Besides, 3T sold 3 million albums in their hey day. She hasn't come close. She has only released singles anyway. 3T is not on the charts because they don't have any music out. When she states that she is on the charts, she means...


Yeah. Some charts. 

She has also made claims that she was in "Remember The Time". If we are to believe that she is in her 30's' then she would be all of seven or eight for that video. If she states that she is in her 40's, which  is more likely, then she would be of proper age to be in the video. SO she can't have both. She can't be the younger sister of 3T and been in  "Remember The Time" with her "Uncle" Michael. 


These are the dancers in the video......

Leslie "Big Lez" Segar

Jossie Harris Thacker

Fatima Roberson

Carolyn Brown

Saleema Mubaarak
Shane Jonhson
Merylin Mitchell
Tish Oliver
Carmit Bachar

Donielle Artese
Jennifer Farris
Sharell B.
Oliver Crumes
Omar Lopez
Wylie D
Darren Henson

I also found another site where she is listed as a "God daughter" of Tito Jackson.

If Tito and Tanay actually dated at some time, it would explain the pictures and how she knows some inside information about the boys and their father. Like the "FISH" story that she claimed to know about on the recent episode. She also knew that TJ smiled like the "Joker". Interesting. It all fits. There is no conspiracy. Just the machinations of a young woman trying to make a name for herself by attaching herself to one of the most famous families in the world. 

It's insidious and unbelievable at times with how this woman has used this information against them. Everything that 3T has gone through with the loss of their mom and their Uncle, this girl is coming out and trying to ingratiate herself with them. It's downright cruel and hateful. 

But to some people nothing matters but what they want.

As Taryll Jackson says, Tanay please stop, we are with you on that Taryll. Completely. We hope that Tanay just disappears from the scene. If she wants to continue with her music, then that's fine, but leave the Jacksons out of it and let them live in peace. Something that we as the public have never let them do. 


  1. its unbelivable. If i would be Tikto, or 3T i would put lagal charges against her. She has to be stopped. She has serious issues.

  2. She needs to charged and prosecuted for what she has put this family through personally and in the media. It would also help if Tito would open up to his family about his true investors involvement with Tanay to stop this sick woman once and for all.

  3. Well done! I watched the Geraldo interview. She seemed very annoyed with all of his questions because she didn't know how to answer them. She kept looking up and to the side, searching for answers. She's completely psychotic and needs serious help. I don't know how anyone could ever believe this woman.


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