If You're Planning A Mass Shooting, Here are some tips....

If you're planning a mass shooting in the next six months here are some tips for you:

1. The recognition of shooters and how they are covered is changing. Many mass shooters have made comments about how they will be famous after they commit this horrible act that you want to commit. With this last shooting in Oregon, that's going to change. Besides, with the increasing frequency of mass shootings that is happening in this country, your plan is like a drop in the bucket anyway. There are simply too many mass shootings. In five years time, no one is going to remember who you are. And when they do, it will be with disgust. Killing people in this country is so commonplace, you think what you're going to do is something out of the ordinary? It isn't. Why not take your rage and your own  "entitled" thinking and channel it into something positive? Something someone will actually remember you for and be grateful?

2. We all have the capacity to do something really great or something really horrible. What you're planning to do is the latter. It's so easy to go out and get a gun and kill people. What isn't easy is to make the world pay attention to you by doing something positive. In a world with nearly 7 billion people, everyone is pushing and shoving each other for attention. For someone to recognize us and our hard work. There are a lot of wannabe celebrities. However, what have you done to make someone think that you should be famous? What have you contributed? Why should the world listen to you? What do you have that others don't? That's the hard part of life but it's also the most rewarding. To stand apart from the pack and to have people recognize your talents and individualism. So your entire theory is to pick up a gun and shoot innocent people who have nothing to do with why your life sucks?

3. Don't do it. You may not realize that you need help but you do. You are on an incredible path to destruction. No one will lionize you for your efforts. Your ideals aren't even original? Killing innocent people is no way to garner attention for yourself. You're leaving behind people who do care about you to carry the heavy burden and baggage of your actions. You're leaving your family members and friends to pick up the pieces and wonder why you did this and figure out where they went wrong with you.

If you're already considering committing this heinous crime, then there is a part of you that probably could care less that you're leaving a path of destruction behind. So I'll leave you with this...what you're about to embark on is a trail of heartbreak, tragedy, heartache, violence, and evil. Even with all the counseling and outreach in the world, the only person that could really stop this nonsense is YOU. You have the power to stop this now and get the help that you need. Turn your life around for the greater good and use your power to change the world.

Your actions will have consequences that you can't even see right now. The taking of one person's life, will continue to have repercussions that you can't see. The life that you actually have no business taking, could be the life that cures cancer, autoimmune diseases, paralysis, or even filoviruses like Ebola or Marburg.

You may think that your life is incredibly bad for whatever reason, but look outside of you for a moment. There are people whose lives are incredibly hard and they would never take the life of another person. Ever.

Besides, yours is an act of cowardice. How hard is it to go up to an unarmed person and shoot them? They are defenseless against you. It is the act of a coward and if you go through with this, you will join the long line of other cowards before you. They weren't cool because they made the news. Or every newscaster is saying their name. No. You will forever shame yourself and your family. You will shame everyone who ever knew you. And in the other world that you will be facing once you turn that gun on yourself?  You will have to face what you've done. You will face every person whose life you've taken prematurely.

And you will not be given grace. Because you didn't give grace to those whose lives you are getting ready to take.

Choose life. Abandon your plans and seek help. Please.


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