Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Make A Suicide Cocktail

Instructions on how to make the best suicide cocktail available.

But since I have your attention let me tell you the downside to an overdose....

1. You'll vomit most, if not all of it out, before your body is even able to absorb the medicine.
This is a natural reaction that your body will take anyway. I've known some to take upwards of 100 pills or more......they are on kidney dialysis machines or waiting for organ transplants.....alive.

2. You'll wind up with organ damage beyond repair. You will do irreversible damage to your body and wind up needing a transplant or on dialysis. Is that what you want to happen to you? Winding up in the hospital for weeks pissing in a bedpan. No thanks....

3. Absolutely nothing at all. This is what happened to me. I overdosed on a large amount of pills, laid in my mother's bed, and figured that I wouldn't wake up again. Imagine my surprise five hours later and......nothing happened. I got out of her bed and went on with my day....totally confused.

So overdose is not for you? Ready to try out a new method?

Guess again.....

I know of many people who have survived wrist slitting, driving their cars into trees (in a wheelchair for the rest of his life), jumps, even gunshot victims that nearly blew their heads off!

All of them are freaking alive and extremely sorry for what they have done and will do ANYTHING to take it back.

Is this going to be you?



  1. wanttouseklonpin,valium, som and tramadol, Will it work?

    1. I need the ingredients to a drink,tht will absolutely work I've tried meds tried help tried it I've just accepted the fact I'm ment to die so please no save me speeches just the ingredients please

    2. I can't do that Chris. Most methods will fail anyway.

  2. And not to mention that when you have liver or kidney failure from trying to commit suicide you are not considered for the transplant list 99 percent of the time. Trust me I know I will be on dialysis the rest of my life which probably won't be all that long but will be very miserable!

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  4. How about Vicodan, cyclobenzaprine, amitriptyline and ketorolac?

  5. what im finding thus far is all these safe the life speeches. this was set up atleast in july of 2012, and the last person asking for a cocktail of death was the start of 2014.

    ideally i feel that if we want to go, than why not let it happen. and if you have answers on the how. than why not provide them.

    so far what i am finding:
    no drug likes booze,
    T2 is over the counter in most countrys (comes in bottles with no more than 30)
    Benadryl im trying to find out if its still over the counter,
    these 2 crushed up into dust and put into a small rum or whiskey bottle should do the trick. clearly untested, and im still working on the research on it. it will not kill you fast, 2 hrs-18 days. at the 18 day mark you are in alot of pain from system wide failures. 21 Benadryl in most fully healthy adults is enough for a medical evac on overdose, with a maxuim of a 3 day recovery, low-moderate damage to systems. from everything i am reading benadryl comes in bottles of 100. T2 comes in bottles of 30. codin in T2 is 8 with a maxuim doze of 240 in each bottle. 96% fatility rate at 0.5 G of Codine. overdose limits on Tynol itself is over 1k. each bottle of T2 being that of 30 is 300MG per pill is 9000 MG, so 9 grams.

    with that said, dust 2 bottles of T2, and a Bottle of Benadryl into a small Rum or whiskey bottle is 18grams of acetaminophen, 0.48 of codine, and the benadryl will counteract the need to vomit, and will aid and knocking your out. Codine will also act in that manner too. and the fact there is caffine in T2. well just pray it doesnt take hold of you. this cocktail should kill you within 2-4 hrs.
    what will you feel after consuming? well your heath should race, and your breathing will reduce, causing your body to go into convulsions, and seizures. and if no one notices you and applies help. your be dead dead soon enough, if shock doesnt kill you first.
    If this cocktail fails:
    all likelyhood, your gonna die with in the next 18 days from your systems failing while ICU, and after the doctor tells everyone you know what happened. well they will know than, that you were suffering from depression and just maybe should have listened to you, and helpped you get over whatever it is you needed help with. non the less those last days on ICU will be the altmost worse days of your life. but hey, perhaps it was worth it just cause you really feel it is game over. like i do...

    1. @ PalmerDaGreatll Because I'm not going to be responsible for someone's death when my purpose is for you to seek another way. I have been suicidal since ten!!! And I'm still here. OF course I am...I wouldn't be here writing this blog. There is no one way to do it because everyone is different. I'd rather talk about reasons to live than to die!

  6. So...............
    I am a druggist that made a mistake.
    I filled a prescription from a doctor EXACTLY as written. There was a drug-drug interaction between two of her medications that I did NOT properly assess-and she got a rare blood disorder and died. There were other people and circumstances involved. The Board of Pharmacy stated that I should take remedial course, write papers, have my practice assessed (no defects identified) and serve a suspension. There is of course a lawsuit pending and well as criminal negligence charges. This Tuesday the state media is arriving outside my house to try to obtain an on camera interview. My malpractice insurance company cannot provide me a lawyer for the media. If I am unlucky this will go national. I have been stealing pills form work and have now acquired enough Amitriptyline, Cimedtidine Dimenhydrinate and Valium to do myself in. It seems my ENTIRE life has been reduced to this incident. I have long since lost count of the times I have paid out of MY pocket for people's prescription for antibiotics when they could not afford then. For one person I rented a RoHo cushion $200.00/month to keep him comfortable in the last few months of life. I have fought for weeks on end to get insurance companies to pay for medications for patients that needed them-but this mistake is all I will be known for. The questions is WHY NOT take my stash and be done with it ? My life insurance will provide for my wife and my house is paid for. So WHY NOT?

  7. . You're worthless. You lure people here who are seeking answers to trick them with your bullshit message. You're a cunt and I hope someone rapes you.

    1. Wow...that's not very nice Carrie. You see, I'm not worthless but you are, hoping that I get raped. Whatever you put in the Universe will happen to you. I've saved lives with this message. So take your bullshit elsewhere. When you wish that harm comes to others, harm will come to you or someone you love. So take that message and do whatever you like. I hope you get some serious help. You need it sweetheart. Your words fall right off of me and will stick to you forever. Wear that message with honor. You are sick.


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