Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Make A Suicide Cocktail

Instructions on how to make the best suicide cocktail available.

But since I have your attention let me tell you the downside to an overdose....

1. You'll vomit most, if not all of it out, before your body is even able to absorb the medicine.
This is a natural reaction that your body will take anyway. I've known some to take upwards of 100 pills or more......they are on kidney dialysis machines or waiting for organ transplants.....alive.

2. You'll wind up with organ damage beyond repair. You will do irreversible damage to your body and wind up needing a transplant or on dialysis. Is that what you want to happen to you? Winding up in the hospital for weeks pissing in a bedpan. No thanks....

3. Absolutely nothing at all. This is what happened to me. I overdosed on a large amount of pills, laid in my mother's bed, and figured that I wouldn't wake up again. Imagine my surprise five hours later and......nothing happened. I got out of her bed and went on with my day....totally confused.

So overdose is not for you? Ready to try out a new method?

Guess again.....

I know of many people who have survived wrist slitting, driving their cars into trees (in a wheelchair for the rest of his life), jumps, even gunshot victims that nearly blew their heads off!

All of them are freaking alive and extremely sorry for what they have done and will do ANYTHING to take it back.

Is this going to be you?



  1. wanttouseklonpin,valium, som and tramadol, Will it work?

  2. And not to mention that when you have liver or kidney failure from trying to commit suicide you are not considered for the transplant list 99 percent of the time. Trust me I know I will be on dialysis the rest of my life which probably won't be all that long but will be very miserable!

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  4. How about Vicodan, cyclobenzaprine, amitriptyline and ketorolac?