Tracey Armah--Unchecked and Headed For Disaster

When Reality TV goes wrong.

Facebook capture from 9/28/15 speaking about the "rape"
I'm sure Nev, from the show "Catfish" thought he was doing a good deed when he confronted Falesha's catfish, Tracey on the show to get her to see the error of her ways. What he did was helped to create a monster. This self proclaimed "reality star" has taken her episode on Catfish and made it into something entirely different.

Now, she's on social media accounts nearly 24/7 exploiting this "new-found fame". She goes back and forth with and trolls people with her numerous accounts and lets them know that she is famous. She says the most outlandish things to get more attention.

She constantly states that negative attention is good attention for her and she wants to get her own reality show. I'm sure the poor thing doesn't realize that her behavior is actually working against her for getting a television show because her latest statements actually make her a liability and no television show would touch her.

She doesn't understand that her behavior goes too far making her too much of a liability. Many people may think that this blog post doesn't help matters because it further adds to her notoriety. This is a cautionary tale. A cautionary tale to parents who are not paying attention to what their children are doing and the personalities that they craft online when we adults aren't paying attention. Your child may act one way in front of you but probably has an "online persona" that you know nothing about. They are chatting with people, trolling people, catfishing others and making up fake profiles online. Nearly all teens do it, for various reasons of course.

These online personas are key to understanding what is going on in your child's life and how it's affecting them. You don't want to come home from work one day and find out that your child is facing charges for online bullying. Or worse.

Facebook Capture 9/28/15
In the episode, she was told by the cast that she could face serious charges if some child kills themselves due to her activities. Due to her parents being immigrants to this country, this is attention that they probably don't want.

As if talking about her bowel movements and other bodily functions wasn't enough, she's now upped her "game" so to speak, and telling people that she was recently raped. However, she enjoyed the rape very much so.

This is a desperate cry for help. She's beyond crying. It's a scream. All of the adults around her have failed her and continue to fail her. She gets hundreds of Facebook messages from others who think they are helping her by calling her out of her name but they don't understand that she feeds off of the negative attention. Name calling, trolling, etc.= attention. Something she desperately wants.

She's not a star. She's not a celebrity. She was on one television episode and she continues to fuel her own downfall. She's ensuring that she'll never have a good job again because of her internet footprints that she leaves behind. She is also ensuring that no person will ever take a relationship with her seriously. If this isn't a textbook description of how one can destroy themselves, I don't know what is.

What do the people around her tell her? Friends? Family members? Her mother was featured on the episode and she seems severely disconnected. Not sure if that has to do with the fact that she is from another country. Tracey stated that she was bullied when she was smaller and that she is just doing what others did to her. She took something negative in her life and turned into something worse.

Her gregarious personality would be great for television but she has torpedoed that awesomely. L-I-A-B-L-I-T-Y  is what she is right now and any show she even thought about doing would have to face an exodus of sponsors that would leave in protest with someone that celebrates rape and being raped. Someone please grab her and let her know. The more she keeps at it, the worse it gets for her. I predict that she will be the target of violence by someone so I would urge that she keep a low profile. The mere fact that she has made comments about loving rape can make her a target by some violent person who is looking to do harm to her. No matter what she writes on the Internet, no one deserves rape. No matter how much she said she "enjoyed' it, which is disgusting in itself and incredibly offensive to so many men and women who have suffered the indignities that came along with the physical pain and mental anguish. What an incredible injustice.

The last thing she needs is another camera pointed in her face by someone else. What the world needs to do is to just tune her out. This would be "death" to her personality. When you turn the camera off and everyone just "goes home", then there is no one left to watch her "performance". Sure she'll ratchet it up even more afterwards but when she realizes that no one is left, then perhaps she'll seek the help she desperately needs.

But each Facebook comment, YouTube thumbs down, and Likes feeds the monster. A monster with unlimited potential for evil.

An Etsy store selling a few products with her name and face. Not sure who owns this store or if she authorized this herself.

Weird Etsy store selling Tracey Barbie Products???

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