The Suicide of Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee (10 August, 1991 – 1 April, 2016) was an Indian television actress. She had appeared in numerous television shows and earned accolades, notably a Golden Petal Award. Besides television shows, Banerjee had appeared in numerous reality shows.

There is speculation that she committed suicide due to a failed relationship. 
However, regardless of the reason, we must take steps to stop judging this particular community. 

When we tell people that suicide is selfish, then what we are saying to them is that I don't want to know when you're in trouble. You just ensured that this person will NOT come to you for help if they are suicidal. You are ensuring that this person will not call you if they are in trouble. You have ensured that you will be among the last to know if this person takes their own life. You have checked out because you will now be pegged as a person who doesn't understand. You will be put in the category of people not to open up to.

If you love this person, will you want that to happen? Close your mouth sometimes. Stop telling me how good I have it. Just listen to my pain. 

RIP Pratyusha and I'm sorry that you couldn't find another way out of your darkness!


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