What TO Do When You're Feeling Well; A Suicide Letter

There are good days for people who struggle with depression and suicide. Sometimes the sun really does shine. Some days you've realized that you don't mind being on Earth one more day. On those days, I ask you to do this...

Write yourself a letter.

Start with...

Dear Suicidal Self,

This is your well self calling. Today I walked through the park and saw all the beauty in the world. I don't ever want to forget that feeling. I also laughed today like I never laughed before. I kissed someone I loved and don't want to forget that feeling. Ever. So, if you're feeling suicidal today, don't. Tell someone that you need help. I need you to remember those good days that we have and realize that if you do go all the way and hurt yourself, you'll never experience the beautiful day that I have today.

I love me,


Take this letter and then keep it in your "emergency box". Read it to yourself when you feel bad. Remember. Choose life.


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