Laugh Now Cry Later: The Story of Audrie Pott’s Suicide

Saratoga High School

Audrie Potts was a beautiful young girl that lived an ideal life until she went to a party one night and got drunk. From there, people decided to take a magic marker and write her into history as yet another young woman that took her life due to the cowardly actions of some young men.

Our children. We love them and support them. We save for their college educations. We buy them the latest clothes and fashions. We go out and get them the latest electronics. And we say nothing when they exploit others sexually.


Who is responsible? Why is it okay to take advantage of someone who is drunk? Would that be okay to take advantage of someone who passed out from a medical condition? What is wrong with our children? What are we missing? Why do we believe that it’s okay to behave this way? It’s not just children. I’ve seen adults go out and defend their children. I’ve seen adults go out and blame other kids for getting drunk. For displaying the same behavior that their children are in, only they are boys and we can’t really do that to boys, can we? (sarcasm)

Teach your boy children that if they see a drunk girl ....

1. Stop, Drop, and THINK.
2. If this was your mother or sister, what would you want done.
3. If she is in danger of being assaulted by others, MOVE HER or GET HELP FROM AN ADULT.
4. Do NOTHING to her. Do NO HARM TO HER.
5. IF YOU feel you want to take out your phone, do so, THEN CALL FOR HELP. Do not use a CAMERA.

NO MATTER who THE GIRL is. No one deserves this. REMEMBER, it could be your DAUGHTER later. Karma has a funny way of coming back to you.

That’s  what we should teach our boy children. Not one more child lost to suicide.

Watch Audrie and Daisy on Netflix with your children. And then hope and pray your child isn’t next.


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