When A Nine Year Old Commits Suicide...Jackson Grubb Suicide at Nine Years Old

I was at least that age when I first considered it so don’t you dare be lulled into the complacency that it won’t be your child. It very well could be your child. The days of Political Correctness seems to be coming to an end in this country. Instead of treating each other like human beings, we would rather care more about saying hateful things and getting away with it, than we are by realizing that people are human beings and hurt just as much as they want to.

Many of these types don’t want PC attitudes for others but don’t dare disrespect them for it.

However, this nine year old Jackson Grubb took that option recently.

The playhouse that he had built was supposed to have the other children just play with him but it did nothing to stop the constant bullying that he was subjected to. He was tormented but we don’t know why these kids decided to pick on him.

Do you think that children think of suicide? Of course they do. Wake up! Realize that this could be your child. If you know something is wrong, you become an advocate for your child instead of complacent with “Kids are going to be cruel.” No, this is a direct effect of people moving away from the respect that we could have for each other by remembering that the other person you are speaking to has feelings.

Online trolls have no filter and hide anonymously. But Jackson’s bullying was in the open. He knows who his tormentors were and nothing was done to stop it. We just let our complacent anti-PC attitudes wreck our children. Just because.

I thought about suicide as early as Jackson but I didn’t make an attempt until I was fourteen. So please, if this is happening to your child, its time you become an advocate. Be there for them. Tell them that there is nothing you wouldn’t do to help them.

No doubt that some of these children may be feeling guilty about what they did. I saw first hand a bully cry in a YouTube video over a young lady that she bullied. She acted as if she were the girl’s best friend, when in reality, everyone knew that she was the biggest bully. She just wanted the attention. No doubt that they will never forget Jackson Grubb.

Too bad these kids had to learn the hard way. The same thing goes for the adults. Wake up.



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