We Shamed Tiziana Cantone For Having Sex When We All Do It. Why?

Everyone has sex. If you’re lucky, you probably will today. Or tomorrow. But what if someone secretly recorded you. Should you be shamed in a public way for having sex with a significant other? Should you be shamed for having sex with a husband? A boyfriend? Girlfriend?

This invasion of privacy that this woman had to deal with has cost her life. People stopped to look at her on the street. She had to quit her job. She decided to end her life and for what? This sick obsession that the world has? Our tendencies to look at others and feel good about our stupid and insignificant lives that we had to bash another human for just doing what we all do with the people that we love.

Should that person who invaded our privacy have the right to videotape us? And if that person does violate our trust, should we shame the victim? Should we judge him or her? Of course not, what is wrong with you? What gives you the right to continue to jump on the bandwagon and judge her for things that you have done in your life? Just the person she did it with betrayed her. I hope that you never know the pain that she went through. I hope that if you were the one that taunted her on the streets, I hope that you won’t be betrayed by a lover and lose your job due to the callous and horrible actions of this person that released the tape to the public.

She sure didn’t ask to be treated this way, and yet she was. People felt the need to cast their moral judgments onto her, thinking they had the right to do so because they think she is a public figure of some sort. A figure that she didn’t ask to be. We judge her for her behavior and yet we watch like we have a right to invade her privacy. It’s a sick cycle.

Condemning other people for behavior that we ourselves participate in. What could be more human than making love? And yet condemnation rained down on her for no reason.

I wish the Cantone family all the best. I know that it will be hard to go on after this. TO lose someone so beautiful and in the prime of their life seems like some cruel and petty joke being played on you. But suicide is real and it’s all too often in the plan of young people when horrible things happen. We have to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We have to condemn and shame those that yell about the world being too PC. No, you don’t have the right to terrorize and condemn another human being because you have vocal cords. Sorry. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. If you judged this girl, God have mercy on your soul.

And Tiziana Cantone should be alive today.


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